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Day one of the Planter Co

The Planter Co started in 2017 in Sydney Australia, when Mitchell and Sandra met, moved house and realised that it would take a bit of saving if they wanted to get some big awesome plants a la Pinterest into their home. There had to be a solution aside from paying lots for grown plants or tracking it to nurseries around Sydney in search of bargains, and so they decided to find a way to make pretty plants both easier to look after and more affordable, and give back to mother nature too. 

The plants are bought small and hand grown (which means we learn what they like and don't like in real life!) and sold in perfect conditions (think the ultimate pot, soil and care instructions) and a decorative basket of your choice. Perfect as a gift to yourself, or to someone else- wedding, house warming, 'you're awesome' gift- you name it!

The decorative baskets are not only pretty, but come from Vietnam, where communities are able to share their arts and crafts with us and increase their disposable income- and to say a proper thank you, a portion of each sales proceeds go to support a charity that has operations in their region. We like to think of it as the trickle down effect.

The Planter Co is hoping to slowly grow and bring more environmentally friendly products to Sydney from many corners of the globe, whilst giving something back. So stay tuned, or even better- write in with your suggestions!